This is a partial list of the services Thrive can provide. All initial consultations and quotations are completely free. Thrive will always document and request written approval before incurring any billable hours.

Audio/Video/Lighting Systems – We are experienced in designing audio, video, lighting, and control system. Micah has worked with clients all over the Midwest to successfully implement effective, approachable, rock solid, A/V systems. Contract us today to help you navigate the waters of technology!

Blogs and Social Media – Thrive can work with your organization to help develop and manage both your social media presence and blog presence. Blogging has been called one the best marketing and performance improvement tools around. Let Thrive help you get started, train you how to be effective, or manage everything for you.

Creativity and Team Structure – Creativity and innovation are consistently rated today by CEO’s as the most valuable traits and the sought after qualities. How do you develop creativity and innovation? We can help you with that question.

Small Business Technology – We have effectively trained small business offices to use technology services that are both effective and approachable. We have helped offices identify, implement, and engage project management software, blogging solutions, sales and CRM software, and other cloud based services. Recent projects have included software solutions such as Highrise, Basecamp, Google Apps for Business, Hootsuite, and WordPress.

HootSuite Certified Professional

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