Case Study :: Open Door Mission

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The Open Door Mission is a nonprofit organization that works with the homeless and those most in need. Beyond simply meeting the physical need for a bed or a meal, the Open Door Mission offers many services to help people get back on their feet. They’re not simply a “homeless shelter”, but a mission-driven organization working hard for those that are less fortunate.

Thrive Development was honored to help support the Open Door in a recent building project as part of their aggressive and exciting capital campaign. For this new multi-purpose space, the client was seeking an audio/video system that was flexible, affordable, and rock solid in performance. The main room of the this new building can be divided into a dinning hall and a chapel, or used as one large area for banquets. The A/V system needed to support anything from a basic presentation with a laptop to a large band with lots of video and graphics. This project presented some unique challenges as well, such as a low ceiling and a very aggressive project schedule.

To support this opportunity we based our design around Crestron and Cobranet. We chose a Biamp Nexia for all audio processing and a Crestron Quick Media system for efficient and cost effective video distribution. The system included wireless microphones, three projectors with motorized screens, a portable audio mixing cart, and multiple audio and video inputs on the stage and walls throughout the space. Because conduit was scarce, we designed a system that moves 64 channels of audio and multiple independent video sources all over two simple cat-5 cables! The audio system is a point source with distributed ceiling speakers filling the back of the room. Using a custom control system, the client is able to operate a very powerful system with the simple press of a few carefully labeled buttons. It’s easy to use and incredibly flexible! Credit to Alley Poyner architects for a great facility design, Electronic Contracting for a top notch A/V installation, and The Open Door Mission for an impressive campaign.

Click here to see the full case study on this job!


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