To Better Serve Our Customers…

Over the past 18 months Thrive Development Group has existed to do one thing well, serve our customers. The very company was started because of a customer request for products and services that didn’t seem to exist. As the customer base has expanded for Thrive, the challenge has been to define and refine the products, services, and value we can offer. We don’t just want to compete with people, we want to offer products that are better than anything else available. We needed to find the sweet spot for Thrive.

Recently, it has become apparent that this sweet spot exists in technology, specifically in making technology approachable. Our most successful projects have been in helping both business and nonprofit clients organize around technology solutions. Our core values of leadership, learning, growth, and creativity will always remain. You’ll see these reflected in our blog and you’ll see them as part of service offerings. What we can do better than anyone else though is help you organize around technology solutions. Maybe you have need for better collaboration, training, project management, or creativity. Maybe your needs revolve around engaging social media and blogging, or possibly you are in need of audio/video technology that is rock solid and approachable. These are things we do well: rock solid, proven, approachable, technology solutions.

Technology is our sweet spot, and we’re sticking to it.


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