Word of the Day: Intentional

Intentional means to do something on purpose, or with purpose. It means to be deliberate and measured in your approach. It would be the opposite of coasting along. It would stand in contrast to just letting things go or simply doing what we do for no particular reason. To be intentional is to be focused, resolute, and driven. It takes mental energy and tenacity.

I wonder how your leadership has been recently. Has it been intentional? Have you lead with purpose, taking measured and deliberate steps? Being intentional takes some serious mental energy but maybe it’s what your leadership needs as you close out the week. What areas of your leadership could use some renewed energy and focus this week? What has been coasting along that needs some fresh and intentional purpose to it?

This is my challenge for myself this week, so I’ll pose it to you as well. Infuse intentional purpose into your leadership this week. Find those things that need a fresh and focused approach. Don’t coast towards the end of the week. Lead well and lead with intentional purpose.


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