Productivity Powered by Evernote

Evernote is very quickly becoming one of my primary recommendations for productivity technology. Evernote is an incredibly useful application that works through the cloud and allows the user to synch notes, pictures, and voice recordings to their mobile devices and desktop devices. Evernote has an endless amount of useful applications. Here are a few examples:

1. WHITEBOARD CAPTURE: I use whiteboards a lot in meetings, and I always have had the problem of storing that information. Evernote is a great solution to this issue. Snap a picture of the whiteboard with your iPhone or iPad, and then simply tag the picture with the date of the meeting, or a topic of the meeting. You can now recall this photo from your phone, computer, laptop, or any other mobile device.

2. RECEIPTS: If you are like me, you have had those months where your assistant walks in asking for receipts that you just can’t find anywhere! With Evernote you can take a picture of those receipts and easily index them. Use your phone at lunch to snap a quick picture, and then print them off from your desktop later in the month when you need them!

3. SEARCHABLE JOURNAL PAGES: When it comes to journaling, I still prefer a pen and paper over typing. My ideas flow much smoother when I can just write, and it gives me the freedom to draw sketches and pictures as well. With Evernote I can take pictures of my journal pages and store them to the cloud. The text then becomes searchable and I can find all my ideas and thoughts on a subject later from any compter or mobile device.

Evernote has an awesome set of productivity and creativity features, and the best part is you can use it for free. I highly suggest downloading it to see how it might be helpful for you in organizing your ideas and creative thoughts.


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