New Product: Thrive Audit

Thrive Development introduces its newest product, the Thrive Strategic Audit.

The Strategic Audit is a innovative package of essential products to collect the quality and comprehensive information your organization needs to achieve maximum results and make effective strategic moves. Often organizations may look to a SWOT analysis for strategic information, but Thrive takes you way beyond a SWOT. This package from Thrive Development contains surveyed customer data, financial analysis, staffing analysis, leadership analysis, internal and external environmental reports, opportunity research, and much more. A complete Thrive Audit will provide you all the essential information, creating a snapshot of your organization and a picture of the opportunities in your future.

The Thrive Audit can be great to support an upcoming strategy meeting, sales meeting, or restructure conversation. This information can be critical when deciding what to do with a regional office, what type of staff to add to an existing organization, or even for entrepreneurs considering the launch of a new business endeavor.  Contact Thrive today to inquire about this exciting new product package.


Thrive Development is an Organizational Performance consulting and Project Management company based in Omaha, NE. Thrive exists to help you do what you do with greater excellence. Contact Thrive today by e-mailing or finding them on Facebook or Twitter (@groupthrive).


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