Central to Success

Success is a funny thing in that we all define it differently. For each of us, in our own unique situations, success is going to look different. As Thrive takes the opportunity to consult with clients all over the country, we find each and every situation simply unique. Sometimes we are challenged with the question around how it is Thrive can expect to help so many different types of organizations be successful. Shouldn’t we “specialize” more? This is a great question, and the answer to it revolves around what Thrive does. The end game of success may look somewhat different to each and every organization, but the drivers of success are almost always the same. Here are a few of the items Thrive considers central to success in each and every situation.

1. Champion

Excellence is not just about accomplishing something great, but doing it with great consistency. Have you ever studied championship teams or athletes? We often are amazed an what they are able to accomplish over and over again. They don’t just have one great night or one good game in a season. These teams or players are able to string together great games and great achievements consecutively to achieve ultimate championship status. No one wins a championship off of one good game. If your goal is to be mediocre, you can get away with inconsistent results. If your goal is to be truly successful and excellent – a champion – you must have the discipline and commitment to achieve great results with rigorous constancy.

2. Connection

There is no program, product, company, or organization that is not desperately dependent on people. Did you know that an Elway Research report titled, “Welcome to the Age of Communications”, found Americans are subjected to some 35 thousand messages each and every day.  With the recent increase in Twitter and Facebook use since the report was released a few years ago, it is likely this number is significantly higher yet. We are all constantly bombarded with information. Everyone wants to tell us something, sell us something, or get something from us. Your success will not be founded on the simple distribution of your message. If your strategy is simply to get your product in front of people, your results will most likely be mixed with the other 250,000+ messages we encounter every week. Your true success will be found in your ability to connect with people. Whether it be your own employees and staff, your customers, or your suppliers, every truly successful organization understands that genuine connection breeds greatness.

3. Content

Marketing is an amazing thing, and a lot can be accomplished through the careful presentation and controlled branding of products and services. We like consistency, and good marketing plays to that end. Thrive is hardly against marketing by any means, but we understand that you will never succeed with out quality content. Marketing makes great ideas into great advancements or great services, but marketing can’t make poor ideas into these things. Your products and services must be the best they can possibly be. You must focus on the content as much you focus on the distribution. Train and develop your people, educate your suppliers, and focus on making the products you deliver a great value. First differentiate yourself at the content level, and then differentiate yourself in other areas.

4. Culture

The culture of your organizations, whether it is a one man shop or a company of thousands, is a significant driver of the results you achieve. At the same time, changing or developing a culture is one of the more difficult things to do in business. Culture isn’t something you have or don’t have. Every single organization has a culture of some kind. It develops based on what you and your employees and partners value whether you intentionally guide it or not. Companies that achieve great success are able to align their culture with their goals. If there is dissonance here, then it will be nearly impossible to achieve sustained success. Leaders are often amazed at the disparity between what they claim to value, and what the organization or teams actually do. Goals and culture must align for success.

There are many, many, contributing factors to finding success in what you do. We wouldn’t presume to know everything it takes to make everyone successful. At the same time, these four items seem to be central to almost every situation. If you learn the discipline of a champion, the value of connecting with people, the axiom of quality content, and the power of culture, than you will be on your way to achieving sustained excellence and success.

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