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Thrive has presented information a few times on the blog about social entrepreneurship and the amazing impact it is having on society. There are great entrepreneurs choosing to turn their efforts towards not only making money but also achieving social cause. From a business perspective they have introduced new structures such as the Low Profit Limited Liability Company of L3C. They often refer to themselves as For Purpose organizations. These socially active companies are making an incredible difference in the world, and making money while doing it. Why don’t they just set up as a nonprofit organization? The best answer is that you are more sustainable if you make money and gain investors – see Tom Shoes. These organizations are doing great things but are also able to shed the typical constraints of a nonprofit organization and its dependence on donations. They are able to seek investors and offer them a return on their money. When it works, it is truly a win, win, win proposition. The business owner, the investor, and the cause all walk away happy.

Enter an epic start up company called 33 needs founded by a down to earth guy named Josh Tetrick based in… where else… California. 33 Needs launched only a few months ago with the mission of bringing crowd source funding to these social entrepreneurs. They have developed an online platform where these organizations can list their need and gain funding from anyone, like you and me. The layout of the website for 33 Needs is clean and straight forward allowing your uneducated investor to easily discern what the need is and what return they will receive on their investment. Overall, 33 Needs has managed to create a platform where those of us that want make the world a better place can invest in opportunities all over the world. Whether you have an interest in helping support the education of young girls in Liberia or help fight world hunger, you can get involved in all of this with 33 Needs and their partners. Props to Josh and the 33 Needs team for bringing great ideas together with great intentions to literally change the world.

Be sure to check them out at http://www.33needs.com and be sure to bring a few dollars with you. Remember it’s not just giving to charity. You actually make money doing this!

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