Your Team Better Have a Clear Goal!

Thrive recently conducted a brief teamwork survey. While the statistical results of this survey are still in the works, the survey also allowed for narrative response regarding what is needed for effective teamwork. Here are many of the responses – notice a theme? These come from senior leaders, team leaders, and team members across multiple industries. The survey shows that 80% of respondents work in teams on a daily basis, so this is truly feedback from those in the trenches on teamwork.

Open communication. Plenty of information from management. A culture that values teams. Time. / People that are committed to the team’s goals, which are clearly defined. People who have a defined role that fulfills the team’s goals. A leader to help manage, serve, and keep accountable, the team. Personnel that have the talent and drive. / Respect for other team members, an understanding of their needs, a sense of purpose greater than one’s self, seeing recognition on a team basis and not individual, and seeking to proactively support and encourage other team members. / Everyone is excited about the vision or project. Good communication. / A common goal… a feeling of belonging and bringing worth to a greater good. / Good leadership, proper planning, effective use of individual talents, shared goals and adequate resources. / Strong leadership, but with everyone contributing to the end goal./ Teamwork requires all people to be willing to subordinate themselves to a higher purpose or goal. They may have differing abilities but must have a common purpose. / Decent understanding of the team’s ultimate goal. Strong knowledge of tasked problem sets. Understanding of how ones role in a team fits into the team. Free flowing/open, effective and accurate communication / Common vision and goals. Understand the big picture of ‘synergy’ / Everyone needs to be open-minded and willing to work together to accomplish one goal or many goals. / Communication. Sharing ideas and thoughts and setting rules that make your place of employment more effective.  Having the ability to compromise. Commitment by each member to work together and solve problems or set goals that will benefit all employees and the business or place of employment where you work. / Unity of Purpose, Trust, Respect, Strategic, Collaboration, Win-Win Attitudes, Disagreement is a Good Thing, Clear Goals and Follow-up, Everyone is part of  the plan and carries their own weight,  when possible leadership shifts for different projects / the same vision clear understanding of roles within the team-positive attitude-fun / Effective teamwork requires all team members to be working towards a common goal with a shared strategy in place and in cooperation with one another.  The team’s needs should be a priority over the team members’ desires.

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2 thoughts on “Your Team Better Have a Clear Goal!

  1. Toby Lindsay says:

    Great work, thanks for this 🙂

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