Momentum: What the Super Bowl Means to Your Organization

If you watched the Super Bowl this weekend (I mean actually watched it), you were treated to a great game. Both teams played well, and the Steelers were still in it at the end. Just in case you have been living under a rock, the Packers won the game. Although it was a close game, there really wasn’t a lot of doubt in my mind that the cheese heads would pull out victorious in the end. You just couldn’t deny that feeling that the Packers had the edge in the fight the whole night. They had the momentum. In fact, after one Green Bay take away Rogers immediately took a huge shot down field for all the marbles. He was trying to capitalize on that momentum and energy. Right after that play, the color commentator pointed out that great coaches have the ability to recognize when their team has the momentum in their favor and they capitalize on it.

The principle is no different for our organizations no matter what industry or market we are in. Momentum plays a significant role in our ability to succeed and win. There is not sure fire way to create momentum. In can’t be boiled down to a five step process, nor can it be entirely manufactured through a program. It is the culmination of making many correct decisions and steps in the right direction, and it is exponential in nature. This is why it is critical for great football coaches and great business leaders to be able to recognize and capitalize on momentum. Great leaders can find momentum building in their organizations, sometime is little pockets or corners, and remove obstacles so it can keep growing and building. The actual management of momentum is more of an art than anything else, but the key principle here is don’t ignore it or squash it. Momentum can make you a big time winner and pay you bake exponentially on your investments in it.

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