Five Steps to Salvaging a Customer Experience

Customer experience is a critical part of thriving as an organization. Too often companies settle for poor customer experiences or simple customer satisfaction. Organizations that truly wish to thrive must provide great customer experiences, which starts by encouraging employees to make situations right no matter who is at fault. It’s not about applying blame, it’s about winning customers. Providing a great experience for customers is really not that difficult, and will pay dividends ten fold. John Fleming, Ph.D. and principal chief scientist for Gallup, calls taking responsibility for customers problems “low hanging fruit” when it comes to building strong customer relationships. In his book, “The New Gold Standard”, author Joseph Michelli offers 5 simple steps involved in salvaging poor customers experiences.

1. Employees should share a genuine and compassionate reaction.

2. Offer appropriate apologies.

3. Assure the person you will take care of the issue.

4. See the problem is taken care off in a way that satisfies the customer.

5. Take one more step, and try to compensate the customer in some way.

So, what if the problem isn’t your fault at all? These are the situations to jump on right away! We must see poor customer experience as an opportunity to swoop in and salvage a relationship, and its even better if that relationship wasn’t yours in the first place! See a problem with a customer? Go fix it and take the customer with you! Dr. Michelli explores the opportunities and issues much more thoroughly in his book, “The New Gold Standard”. It is an absolute must read for any and all of us. While each of us may work in different job functions, we are all in the customer service business. Realizing this is the first step toward creating a thriving organization with a great customer experience!

Pick a copy of the “The New Gold Standard” here.

Find out about Dr. Michelli here.

Contact Thrive about assessing and improving your organizations customer experience here.

Check out a brief summary of one of Thrive Developments customer experience clients here.


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