Innovation for Social Cause

Earlier, I posted on the Thrive blog about the new way of doing business. Organizations are realizing the vast potential of being socially responsible and giving back to their communities, and to the world. Of course, organizations like Toms Shoes have made a huge splash and shown the massive potential of this business approach. Larger and more mainstream organizations are catching on, and over the holidays you have seen a significant rise in socially related business efforts. This is going to be a big deal, and both for profit and nonprofit organizations need to take note. For profit organizations need to get on board. Building your community builds the economy and ultimately increases the health of your business. Nonprofits, you better get aligned and engaged with companies that will support you and invest in your cause. Still need to be convinced this is a big deal? Check this article out from and review some of the amazing recent innovations. Notice a theme? Yeah, I thought you might. Innovation for social cause. Time to get on board, folks, and do something to make a difference and increase your bottom line.

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